Product Manager

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Description/Job Summary

The product manager is responsible to develop and implement a marketing plan for the assigned products with the objective to grow global sales, market share and gross profit.


Monitor and record key industry trends that can impact the development of the product line. Conduct market surveys as may be required from time to time.
  1. Research competition and perform competitive analysis to ensure future competitive product development.Maintain an up to date portfolio of competitor information including equipment specs, pricing, market activities and market share.
  3. Maintain product pricing in line with company and product line objectives.
  4. Develop & maintain product presentation and support material:
  5. Product presentations highlighting features & benefits and advantages
  6. Product brochures
  7. Specification packages
  8. Competitive product summaries
  9. Define & implement product promotion strategy
  10. Define global advertising focus & placement strategy
  11. Suggest ad content and review layout
  12. Develop and implement special incentive programs
  13. Plan and implement product introductions
  14. Develop special interest editorial pieces & success stories for publication
  15. Product Development & Marketing Strategy
  16. Manage product portfolio of a competitive range of equipment
  17. Define product application range and specifications
  18. Ensure competitive product positioning
  19. Ensure cost and price positioning
  20. Research customer needs through field visits, focus groups and surveys
  21. Participate in product engineering process
  22. Plan and implement product introductions
  23. Trade show participation
  24. Schedule rigs and coordinate availability in line with the marketing strategy
  25. Prepare rigs & booth, organize pre-show meeting and training
  26. Attend shows and related functions
  27. Join and attend trade associations and meetings
    Sales Support
    Support the global distribution network in their sales and marketing efforts:
  28. Respond to product and application inquiries
  29. Preparation of major quotations & PMUs
  30. Product application studies and sales support material
  31. Evaluate and approve special pricing
    Plan and host customer visits
    Training of distribution network and customers
  32. Plan and conduct technical product and application training
  33. Prepare training programs and materials for sales force and customers
Product Flow and Order Management:
Manage product planning, forecasting & order processing input
  • Collect sales prospects
  • Define and manage production requirements to meet demand
  • Configure each rig
  • Populate the “Block Chart”; attend “Block Chart” meetings; prepare inputs
    Manage order processing input and maintenance
  • Review every order for technical correctness and completeness
  • Review and approve prices on each rig order
  • Create a “PMU” for every rig order entered
  • Attend order review sessions and participate in order maintenance & correction
  • Update distribution network of order progress and arising issues
    Communication Responsibilities:
    It is expected of the product manager to be the communication link and facilitator between marketing and internal departments, as well as the distribution network.  It is expected of the product manager to work cooperatively with all parties.  Typical communication partners are:
  • Distribution network (sales companies, distributors)
  • < >Order entry
  • < >< >< >< >< >< >Orders pending / won / lost report
  • Quote log and file system
  • Competitive intelligence
    Interact with distribution network on all order and product related matters.
    Conduct field visits and build key distribution and customer relationships.
    Training & Skill Development:
    Maintain a high level of product and product application knowledge.
Participate in annual meetings & training.

Required Skills

You must be able to cooperate with colleagues in numerous other functions.
You must be trustworthy and reliable to safeguard the interests of the company in a highly competitive environment.

Required Experience

0-5 Years of Experience

Required Education

A Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering is required for this position. Masters degrees are preferred.

Required Qualifications

You must be able to cooperate with colleagues in numerous other functions.
You must be trustworthy and reliable to safeguard the interests of the company in a highly competitive environment.


 Work cooperatively with Product Company, Sales Company and Distributors in a spirit of teamwork to address problem areas.
 Safeguard the assets of the company in general and reveal no information to competitors or outside parties, which could be harmful to our business.
 Manage in the best interest of the company, those assets entrusted to you, these may include but are not limited to, vehicles, computers, phones, faxes and products.
 Use the budgeted resources available to you in the most cost-effective way for promoting the company’s business.
 Foster practices within the company that is consistent with its values and beliefs. Share knowledge with colleagues and actively work to raise the competence level of the group. Strive for unity and trust within the group and expect to produce results before receiving rewards. Search for truth and avoid propagating rumors.
 Act on behalf of peer group members in their absence as and when called upon to do so either by design or circumstance.
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