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Packaging Engineer

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Description/Job Summary

The Packaging Engineer takes the lead and responsibility for packaging design development, qualification, and implementation for all material stored and processed within the MRS DCs (currently Allen, Orebro and Nanjing) and beyond as required.
Establish and develops packing plans, packing designs and packing specifications as well as decides which items to pre-pack/pack according to Customer requirements, M&S demands and SC needs (DC handling, protection, safety, lowest total cost and SMART packaging )adding sales value. Works with engineering to develop parts that conform to optimal packaging for transport and handling with total cost in mind.  Develops packing specifications and ensures compliance to packaging specifications by material suppliers as well as warehouse packaging personnel.


  • Establish clear and achievable targets with regards to what parts to prepackage, why, when and how.  Ability to complete business cases and investment applications as needed selling the ideas/concepts.
  • Set up and manage projects related to packaging.  Establish, manage, involve and follow up all actions and the projects to closure.  Communicate outcome/improvements of the projects as required.
  • Develop cost effective packaging solutions, with safety first in mind that meets customer requirements while facilitating distribution efficiency.
  • Provide packaging solutions that meet Safety, storage and transportation requirements designed for ease of loading and securing in all modes of transport while minimizing any wasted space.
  • Work with engineering regarding the product design and retrofitting to minimize total cost (include and educate all as it relates to the cost to package and transport of goods).
  • Balance the competing demands of cost, quality, time and image.
  • Work with vendors or internally to convince and implement changes in packaging
  • Communicate and establish working relationships with suppliers (via strategic sourcing) as well as customers (via customer service) to identify cost effective solutions to improve receiving, storage, packing and shipping.
  • Provide ergonomically designed solutions to meet quality and productivity requirements
  • Provide packaging design solutions and cost estimates to meet logistics requirements
  • Manage activities with the DCs to decide which items to prepack, in what and by when.
  • Validate packaging design and implementation to assure warehousing, logistics and customer requirements are achieved and maintained.
  • Set, manage and keep up with clear standards for all aspects of packaging globally.
  • Monitor, track and report package performance (cost and quality) and customer/carrier acceptance
  • Collaborate with all functional areas within the distribution centers, including but not limited to logistics, warehouse, customer service and material planning, as well as Engineering and Sourcing to meet quality packaging costs and delivery requirements.
  • Train warehouse handlers and others as required on packing instructions/specifications
  • Set, define and communicate ideal dimensional restrictions for engineering and vendors to meet different modes of transport.
  • Collaborate within other Distribution Centers and customer centers globally to learn and share best practices attempting all the time to set and improve aligned standards
  • External benchmark - Competence development internally of what business potential there is in Packaging

Required Skills

  • Displays effective communications all interactions (internal and external)
  • Creative thinker to help use standard product offers but having the ability to design new packaging where required
  • Ability to analyze deficient packaging without always seeing the failure live (ie: from pictures, reports, emails or calls) and get to the root cause

Required Experience

  •  Minimum of 5 years of experience in packing design preferably in heavy industrial distribution environment preferred
  •  Practical experience with 3D CAD design using AutoCAD, Pro-E or similar software
  •  Knowledge and/or experience with Supply Chain ERP systems preferably in a distribution environment
  •  General knowledge of logistics and supply chain principles
  •  Experience with MS Office applications required with special attention to project management

Required Education

 Minimum of Associates Degree in Packaging Engineering or other related Engineering discipline

Required Qualifications

Good communication, presentation and interpersonal skills as requires interaction with internal and external contacts


Considerable physical demand connected to handling product for identification. May be required to lift up to 50lbs before the use of any lifting devices are required
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